Helping Hands 2018Thank you again for becoming a Metro Credit Union member. Gaining access to the Credit Union through our associational group, The Helping Hands of the Lydia House, is definitely a win/win situation for everyone.

In addition to realizing additional value in banking services, your membership also helps in funding some very worthwhile programs for homeless and abused women in the Omaha area. 

Your initial membership fee of $10.00 was paid by the Credit Union and contributed on your behalf to The Lydia House. 

Now, we're asking for your continued support. To renew your Helping Hands of the Lydia House membership for 2020, please call us at 402-551-3052 and we can transfer $10.00 from the Metro Credit Union account of your choice. 

Please note, that your decision to renew your Helping Hands membership is completely voluntary and will have no impact on your Metro Credit Union membership status. With Metro, once you've become a credit union member, you have the option of staying with the credit union as long as you'd like. 

Thank you for your patronage of the Credit Union and thank you for your support of the Helping Hands of the Lydia House.